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Directors & Senior Management
Richard Shead
Executive Chairman??
Richard has had many years experience in the mining industry in South Africa. He was CEO of East Daggafontein Mines Limited until 2002 and played an instrumental role in the merging of that company with Mvelaphanda Resources Limited in 2002. He previously served with Oxus as Director of corporate Development until October 2004, and was a director and CEO of Shanta Gold Limited until March 2008.?

Joined the board June 2008
Richard Wilkins
Company Secretary
A Chartered Accountant by profession, has been conducting business in Central Asia since 1991, initially with Tajik Development Agency Ltd and Zaravshan Gold Company in Tajikistan. Was one of the founding directors of the Oxus Group in February 1996.?Also a director of the British Uzbek Society and a deputy chairman of the Uzbek British Trade and Industry.? ? ?.
Oliver Prior
Non-Executive Director
Oliver has over 40 years experience in insurance brokerage. Oliver has served in several directorial roles for a number of Lloyd's insurance broking companies prior to joining Willis Faber & Dumas Ltd ("Willis") and was appointed as Director of Research & Development until Oliver retired in 2004. Oliver is currently a senior consultant with The FirstCity Partnership Limited.

Joined the board: October 2004.
Chairman of the Remuneration committee and member of the Audit/Nominations and Independent committee